Delivers speedy and accurate scanning performance.

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Superior decoding performance.
No matter what type of barcode is presented, the megapixel camera allows users to scan 1D and 2D barcodes, including very small ones, with impressive speed and ease. In addition to excellent scanning of high-density barcodes, the EM2037V4 also provides the added value of decoding postal barcodes.
Advanced technology.
The EM2037V4 is powered by advanced imaging technology and Newland patented UIMG technology. Utilizing a computerized image recognition system, the EM2037V4 can read barcodes printed on paper, plastic or displayed on mobile phones with excellent motion tolerance.
Powerful data editing capability.
The scan engine allows customized scanned data with ease and provides supporting software to address diverse application needs.
Compact & lightweight design.
Seamless integration of the imager and decoder board makes the scan engine very small, lightweight and easy for integration.
Various interfaces.
The EM2037V4 supports USB and TTL interfaces to meet customer needs.






URL do fabricante : https://www.newland-id.com/product/em2037v4/

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